The bad actors of COVID want to pretend they care now without taking any responsibility for what they did and supported.

At least that’s what we’re getting when we look at these tweets from Alyssa Rosenberg about her piece in the Washington Post. According to her bio, she also writes for The Bulwark …

Because of course, she does.

Like so many people who were more than happy to keep kids out of the classrooms and forcibly cover their faces, now Goldberg is worried about what all of this did to our children and thinks we ‘owe’ them … now. We owed them then but we digress.

The Stolen Year.

More like two years, honey.

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And again, these people who supported the unions shutting down classrooms suddenly pretending they’re the good guys? Sort of reminds us of Randi Weingarten trying to pretend she wanted kids back in the classroom in the spring of 21.

She is basically uninterested in talking about what got us to this point with our kids.

Gosh, how very privileged she must be to be able to thumb her nose at the reality of what has happened to millions of kids across the country because Democrats cared more about appeasing the teacher’s unions than they did kids in public school. Hey, private schools managed to keep their doors open and their kids educated and public schools in red states were also able to keep going … public schools in blue states with a-hole teacher’s unions?

Not so much.

And you know she most definitely was.


Hold them all accountable.



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