We suppose the New York Times thought this little thread where they admit OOPSIE these columnists kinda sorta got it wrong is some sort of cute mea culpa for the ridiculous mess they’ve made of the mainstream media over the last couple of decades. Maybe if they admit they didn’t get a few right people will cut them some slack for being a huge resource for fake news over and over again.

Not. Happening.

But hey, it made us laugh (not with them, AT them) so of course, we’ve gotta share it with you.

They claim their columnists did their research … right.

NYT knows they’re the NYT, right?

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They’re smug even when they’re correcting themselves.

Paul Krugman also said the Internet was a passing fad – let us know when he apologizes for that.

It’s the world’s fault he got it wrong.

Yeah, that’s it.

She regrets believing women.

Let that sink in.

Why would anyone be optimistic about China being open with their information?

This freakin’ guy … it’s Trump’s fault he was (is?) an annoying scold.

Gail is sorry she trashed Romney since he started acting like she wanted him to.


Oh brother.

These do not feel like apologies to us.

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we’d see D.C. from our office.





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