Sandy would like you all to know that someone taking her picture during dinner (who she never even saw) is the same thing as a bunch of protesters harassing Kavanaugh at Morton’s so much he had to exit out the back.

SHE is the real victim you guys.


Poor dear.

You guys, feel sorry for AOC! Come on! She had her picture taken!

And that’s not fair for a public official or something.

Caleb Hull, who she couldn’t bother to tag in her whiny tweet, was more than happy to call her out.

Horrible comparison.

Desperate comparison.

Nobody can be the victim when AOC is around … IT’S ALL ABOUT HER.

Caleb continued:

Totally the same as Kavanaugh being harassed by crazy Lefty pro-aborts.

Man, you’d think by now AOC would be a little better at this but nope.

Actresses always are.

We’re still waiting for her to make the Jill Biden/taco thing about herself.

Hey now, the world needs bartenders too.



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