Joe Walsh couldn’t get elected dog catcher, no wonder he hates DeSantis.

This all started with a tweet from Christopher Rufo about DeSantis, and how Never Trump intellectuals (don’t laugh) should actually really like and support him.


There is nothing Trump-like about DeSantis other than the fact that he terrifies the Left. And you can tell they’re worried it will be DeSantis and not Trump in 24 because the paranoid hit pieces from our pals in the media are amping up. Granted, they’ve been writing anti-DeSantis pieces for a long time now (how dare he not cave during COVID?!), but it feels like a more ‘big picture’ type of attack rather than a COVID or even governor thing.

He could be president.

He would be successful.

And they hate that.

Case in point, Walsh’s response … that Rufo quickly took apart.

DeSantis, who fought to make sure citizens could make their OWN CHOICES when it came to COVID restrictions, doesn’t believe in freedom.

Keep telling yourself that, Joe.

Hey, at least he didn’t drop a nasty slur this time. But he did make it possible for Rufo to drop the entire Never Trump movement.


What’s that old saying? Once a dbag, always a dbag?

That works.

Kristol ALSO endorsed Terry McAuliffe, but we digress.

Holy Hell.


That just about sums him (and his ridiculous movement) up.



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