We keep trying to tell Eric Swalwell that maybe he should tweet less because he’s really not that bright and it comes ‘shining’ through in his ridiculous tweets. Luckily, he doesn’t listen to us and we end up with all sorts of delicious Twitchy fodder, like this back and forth between Eric and blue-check Lefty, Sarah Kendzior.

Seems we’re not the only ones who think Eric’s takes are awful.

Check this out:

So what Eric is really trying to do here is find a way, any way, to help Democrats not get completely wiped out in November. Even with an IQ of a turnip, Eric can read the writing on the wall and can see his party is in deep shiznit come November. In other words, Eric is using the Highland Park shooting to campaign for Democrats.

And even Sarah Kendzior saw through it.


Serious barbs from the Left there, Eric.

Watch as he turns into a babbling, ridiculous mess (more so than usual):


Eric is using all of this to campaign on … which is really gross when you think about it. Then again, this is the same guy who allegedly banged a Chinese spy and threatened to nuke Americans who disagreed with him so we’re not entirely surprised his take is garbage.

Sarah continued:

But it’d just humiliate him more.

Yup, this is delicious.

What a disaster this guy is …


Awww, and look at him surrounded by maybe a dozen people … like that matters.

Nice try, chump.

Awww, his widdle feelers were hurt.

And now he’s big mad. BIG MAD. lol

Atta girl.

Drag that toad.

Others were also pretty brutal with the sad little representative from the state of California.

Or something.


Yeah, Eric.

Try and understand why they’re angry with you.



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