Sorry, Biden intern we know is writing these tweets, but the cute little background with the red and blue stars doesn’t make this statement seem any better or brighter.

Just like Antifa, Biden also seems to think America is just an idea.

Don’t make that face, we’re not the dorky intern who wrote this:

Sounds like Obama, right?

Or some college kid who idolizes him.

C’mon, if Biden wrote this he’d talk about that time he hung out with Thomas Jefferson and how HE gave ol’ Jefferson the bright idea to fight for free speech, right before he watched TV with FDR and then beat up Corn Pop.

And he’d probably get the holiday confused with another one.

This tweet impressed no one:


HA ha.


As always.

Doing what?




Man, we are not seeing the best or the brightest on the Left but we absolutely enjoy watching stupid people bash Biden.

It’s the small things, people.



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