Joe Biden is like Washington. ON WHAT PLANET?!


Look, we were prepared to read a bunch of stupid today because the Left comes out in droves to trash America and our founding every year on our birthday. We expect it. But comparing the guy who called Hunter Biden ‘the smartest man he knows’ to the Founders?

Put. The. Free. Biden. Crack. Pipe. Down.

From Salon: (sorry, if we have to read it so do you)

To this point, the political fates have cursed Joe Biden with the same bad luck that afflicted Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton and other founding fathers at their most ambitious but least effective — but without granting him anything close to their storied accomplishments or historical legacy. Is that just an ironic coincidence, a minor plot twist in the American story, or a telling symbol of the ultimate failure of the American experiment and the corruption of both our political parties? History will have to answer that question.

Bad luck.


Alrighty then.

Yeah, when we saw the Ukrainian flag in the guy’s handle we knew it would be bad.

And hey, good for him.


Made a similar face.




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