It’s as if Max Boot made a list of the WORST takes he could make on Twitter and is gradually working his way through them all. We realize hate-clicks pay the same but man, he is really doing some damage to his reputation here. Honestly, there was a time this editor thought Max was a conservative worth paying attention to … and in a way we still are. Just not because we think he’s tweeting great stuff.

Suppose we should send Max a thank you note for all of the Twitchy fodder.

Take a look at this nonsense:

The Electoral College protects the minority and the Senate ensures all states have an equal representation regardless of population – exactly as the Founders envisioned both. We get it, Max is writing for a new sort of reader (you know, dumb ones), but c’mon man.

Have just a SMIDGE of dignity.

Good question. We joke a lot about how Trump broke these people but he really and truly did.

Max used to know that.

We think?

Who knows? Maybe he was always dense when it came to these things and he only really started to show it after Trump broke him.

There’s a reason he wears the hat.




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