We NEED more Beavis and Butthead in today’s ridiculous, politically driven, divisive, overly sensitive world.

Period the end.

Maybe we’d all be able to laugh a little bit more and fight a little bit less? No?

Seeing the ‘boys’ at college learning about their white privilege may well be this editor’s very favorite thing on Twitter in many, many, many days.

Weeks even?

This is truly hilarious.


This clip is from the new movie currently streaming called, ‘Beavis and Butthead Do the Universe.’

So, the whole clip is funny, but the lefty white guy ‘Gage’ interrupting the young Black woman to explain her answer and talk over her is really well done. Almost as if Mike Judge has been watching this ridiculous movement and found the best way possible to mock them all.

Oh, and the middle-aged white female professor is the perfect ‘vessel’ to educate Beavis and Butthead about white privilege. The scarf around her neck is a nice touch.

It’s funny because it’s TRUE.

Judge has always been among the best at mocking the most ridiculous.



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