There is part of this editor that hopes David Cross is joking and this is some reference to ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’, but since we all know Dave is a raging Lefty looking to score points with other raging Lefties we’re pretty sure he means this.

Besides, these ‘funny guys’ on the Left aren’t really all that funny.

We GET IT, the idea of any sort of regulation around abortion is like THE END OF THE WORLD for pro-aborts who ignored the ‘rare’ part of Roe and ultimately are responsible for it being overturned. They couldn’t leave well enough alone with states setting some limits (15 weeks is too much of a restriction, really Mississippi Lefties?), no no, they had to push for it to not only be accepted up until BIRTH but celebrated.



And they lost.

Besides, bruh, witches FLOAT. Duh.

Watch the movies.

So people turned Dave’s edgy tweet into the joke it should’ve been.


But they got better.


David thought he was being edgy … people just laughed though. At him.



Sad look on little boy’s face standing by his pro-abortion mom holding a HATEFUL sign (about him and his siblings) will break your heart (pic)

Bro, do you even CIVICS?! Max Boot OWNED for whining about evil red states having two Senators in dunk on SCOTUS rulings

Gosh, we don’t wanna say Nancy Pelosi shoved Republican Mayra Flores’ little girl but it KINDA SORTA looks like it (watch and decide)