Ok, so the same a-holes complaining that pro-life people ONLY CARE ABOUT THE FETUS are trashing this picture of a young couple looking to help women who may feel they have no other choice but to abort. Ya’ know, pro-aborts are so damn miserable that no matter what you say or do, it will never be right or enough.

They hate you.

Well, they hate themselves.

And we suppose if we were the younger, less successful brother of Patton Oswalt we might be fussy too.

The real bummer is this guy is associated with MST3K …

If only creative types would stop being obnoxious activists, ya’ know?


Oh, and there are plenty of disgusting people on this tweet mocking this couple, calling them racists (because you know, only people of color get abortions), and joking about how death is better than being raised by parents like this.

What do you expect? They’re AOK with murdering the most innocent among us.

Just stupid.


So many broken people.

There it is.

They’re never happy.

If you’re happy they hate you for it.

And a LOT of us are happy that Roe is GONE.



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