Once again we are proud to bring you a thread we don’t have to say much about. ‘Trader Jill’ does an exceptional job of debunking the Left’s talking points and narrative around abortion and Roe … not that they’ll take the time to read her thread and learn a thing or two from it.

But at least you can take this info with you, dear reader, and combat the stupid out there.

Take a gander.

They’re just absolutely uninformed about what overturning Roe really does.

And no, most Americans do not support abortion up to the moment of birth.

15 weeks was too LIMITING for an abortion clinic.

Think about that for a minute.

THEY started it.

Gosh, all of those little talking points are just getting nuked.

Lots and lots of deflection and distractions out there. The ones insisting overturning Roe will keep women going through an ectopic pregnancy from getting care are some of the most obnoxious.

Yeah, pro-aborts keep screeching about the Catholic Church when in reality, there are lots and lots and lots of people who are pro-life simply because they are humane.

Amen amen and another amen.

And no, hater who might be reading this just to hate, we’re not being religious.

Ok, maybe a little. HALLELUJAH.



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