Democrats won’t have a clue how to fight the new Republican and it’s going to be GLORIOUS. Ok, so we know we shouldn’t get overly cocky about November HOWEVER, Biden’s approval numbers keep going down and down and Americans are more and more unhappy under the Democrat majority. Inflation, expensive gas, bare shelves, a recession … Democrats are already in deep even with the FREAK OUT over Roe.

But when you add the ‘new Republican’ Wokal Distance describes in this kick-butt thread to the mix?

Boom goes the dynamite.

Families won in Virginia.

This absolutely makes sense.

Keep going.

Good society through good families.


Gosh, imagine that. Republicans loving their family and America.

Seems obvious, right?

The focus will be on America.

Shocking, we know.

Still reading?

Told you this was good.

Leave it to the state legislatures.


Don’t try this in California.



If we want to truly support life we should fund pregnancy centers and provide tools to families … again, focus on the family.


This used to be the American way.

Now it’s the ‘new Republican.’

Let’s do that.

Let’s WIN!



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Sad look on little boy’s face standing by his pro-abortion mom holding a HATEFUL sign (about him and his siblings) will break your heart (pic)

Bro, do you even CIVICS?! Max Boot OWNED for whining about evil red states having two Senators in dunk on SCOTUS rulings