As Twitchy readers (unfortunately) know, Canada’s Amir Attaran may well have become the most annoying troll on Twitter over the past few days, and considering he’s competing against toads like Eric Swalwell, that’s really saying something. He has been mocked, mocked again, and then mocked some more … this guy has been mocked so much he’s been given a new nickname on Twitter, Lord Maple Leaf.

It even trended.

But he wants us all to know that he’s not owned, he’s NOT and that far-right MAGA Twitter isn’t bugging him at all.

That’s why he keeps tweeting about it:

This all started because he went after a Black American stewardess on a United flight for not wearing a mask. We’re not saying he has some serious issues but you know, someone with serious issues would definitely act like this.

Claims he’s proud of his new nickname while ranting about it endlessly in a thread.

Woof, my dude.

They can’t even get bacon right in Canada. *shrug*

Look at how joyous he is about dead Americans. Forget that we have nearly 10x the population of Canada but still …

It’s pretty creepy to take such pleasure in the deaths of your neighbors.

See what we mean? ANGRY Canadian is angry.

Starting to wonder if this is some sort of performance art because nobody is this gross, right?

Amir just doesn’t get it.

Hence, Canada.

He’s just not good at this.

OR he’s really good at this and that’s just sad … we’re not sure.

We’re not sure we’ve ever seen someone ratio’d like this …

Maybe AOC when she’s talked about being afraid of her garbage disposal?  Hrm.

Impressive, and not in a good way.



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