For years (decades?), right-wingers on Twitter have known there is a nasty bias at Twitter when it comes to tweets, verification, audience exposure, etc. And of course, for those same decades, the bigs at Twitter have pretended the right-wingers were NUTS and haters and all sorts of ugly stuff for claiming they were being censored and targeted.

Then Elon Musk came along and it became pretty damn crystal clear that the bias IS real, it IS deliberate, and it’s only getting worse.

Just look at these leaked internal messages from Twitter employees during Elon Musk’s all hand’s call:

Wow, right?

Yes, Elon Musk did see this.

Isn’t it though?

What he said.

In other words, a bunch of a-holes.

We knew their employees were bad … but woof.

Pretty much.

Natasha gets it.

Yes, yes they are.

Or a hobby.





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