While Democrats keep pushing gun control, abortion, and January 6th, voters simply don’t care. Maybe record-breaking inflation, crazy prices at the pump, shortages of baby formula, etc. are just a teensy bit more important to Americans than MUH DEMOCRACY marketing.

It’s only taken Democrats a year and a half to completely decimate the country.

And Americans know it:

The one that really cracks us up is the one on ‘preserving Democracy’ – isn’t that what the Democrats keep claiming they’ll do? HA HA HA HA HA

This is gonna be a rough one for our pals in the Democrat Party.


As long as our other pals in the Republican Party don’t eff things up.

Unfortunately, this editor feels the same way. Hoping beyond hope Republicans prove us wrong and they actually get something DONE when they’re handed the majority in Congress in November.

Actual LOL.

Democrats couldn’t screw things up more if they tried.



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