It’s always interesting (and by interesting, we mean laughable, somewhat annoying, perpetually ridiculous) to cover Cheri Jacobus because she’s got basically any and everyone who might disagree with her blocked. She is one of the most prominent ‘blockers’ on Twitter; people who are incapable of debate usually are. And let’s be honest here, she is certainly not the only insane-o in the brain-o making light of some domestic terrorist attempting to shoot Brett Kavanaugh … but this was pretty tasteless.

Even for her.

Talking points must have gone out.

How TF do you harden a door, Cheri? Does she mean secure? And the irony here is it WAS a locked door and armed security (the very things people are calling for with our schools) that kept Kavanaugh and his wife safe. We get it, she thinks she’s being edgy mocking Kavanaugh almost being murdered but her point is … well, it’s really just stupid.

And makes the case FOR securing our schools.

So … thanks?

This is an insult to hateful beasts everywhere.

In fact, hateful beasts would walk by her and say, ‘Damn, you are one hateful beast.’

No, no she’s not.

Or pass duplicate legislation that hasn’t worked for the past several decades and then pat themselves on the back for ‘doing something.’

Something like that.

Look up ‘hot mess’ in the Dictionary, Cheri’s pic is RIGHT there.



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