And now Taylor Lorenz working for WaPo all makes sense. Heh.

We keep asking ourselves WHY the Washington Post would employ this drama magnet who likes to play the victim even when she is far from the victim but the way they responded to Fox News following up on the story they’ve had to correct multiple times (a story some say is still WRONG) … she fits in just perfectly.

Sure, refer an outlet looking for an update on a corrected story to a thread from the author blaming someone else for the issues with the story.

That’s legit.

It’s everyone else’s fault she screwed up and the people calling her out for screwing up (again? on purpose?) are part of a bad-faith campaign to discredit her.



Here, check out the writer’s crap thread to answer your questions.


Of course, Lorenz didn’t mention her lies.

She’s the victim ya’ see.

They’re far too busy suspending David Weigel for retweeting a joke.

She’s been pulling this horrible crap for a long time and we have yet to see any real consequences, which is why she probably keeps doing it.

Taylor didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Gosh, we feel shocked.



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