THIS is what the January 6 Committee is really doing, folks.

Terrifying that something like this could actually happen in America, but not only is it happening BUT THEY’RE GOING TO TELEVISE all of it during primetime for the Democrat’s entertainment. What a horrific time in the history of our once-great country.

Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger should have to read this entire thread.

And then talk to this man’s family.

Take a look:

Keep in mind, this is not Steve’s words, but the January Sixther.

Years in prison.

For protesting.

AFTER he took a plea deal.

Keep going.

This is payback from a handful of vindictive representatives in DC.


Scary stuff.

For protesting his government.

Gosh, we don’t remember seeing any members of BLM or Antifa brought before a judge in shackles for trying to set fire to federal courthouses.

A powerful few.

We need the Second to defend the First, but … fair point.

Americans are treated this way in America.

No words.

Way to go, January 6 Committee.


His own government did this to him.

One need only look at who has benefitted the most from January 6th to have an inkling of what’s really happened here.

The elite wouldn’t have any standards at all if not for double standards.


And again, Liz Cheney and her circus of a committee will broadcast this information LIVE during primetime with a fancy producer and everything.

‘Are you not entertained?’



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