Nice try, Biden, but NOOOPE.

Ok, so we know Biden didn’t write this tweet but c’mon, this is dumb, even for the dummies who do write his tweets. They have to realize Americans are experiencing the economy firsthand and can tell things aren’t great, right? Paying $5 for a single gallon of gas and worrying about how much milk, bread, and ground beef a family can afford is not being in a ‘strong economic position,’ Joe.

Maybe he should spend less time at the beach and more time out and about witnessing what Americans are going through every day.

Look at this horse pucky:

Independent experts.


Name them, Joe’s intern.

It’s sort of like when they claim they’re creating jobs simply because people went back to work.

And a serious takedown by the Libertarian Party.

Even the bots were unimpressed with this one.

And if we’re in such a great economic position, why are we begging other countries for baby formula?

Those experts.

You know, the ones.



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