Woof, Taylor Lorenz is just a train wreck, you guys. And we can’t think of an outlet that deserves her more than the Washington Post. We’ve lost count of the number of times they’ve corrected and updated her story (while people are still claiming it’s a lie) but apparently, her claiming this has all been a ‘right-wing smear campaign’ while making herself out to be the victim is not going so hot.

She has protected her tweets.

But don’t worry, you can still follow her on Instagram. *snort*

Super well.

Oh, not for her, but the rest of us are having a good laugh.

Is this karma?


We thought so as well but Twitter changes their TOS so much (and enforces it SO inconsistently) who knows?

It does seem like things are just getting worse and worse for the troll pretending to be a reporter.





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