Yesterday, former President Donald Trump was indicted for the second time, in this case related to allegations of mishandling classified documents when he was no longer in office.

Thus far we’ve gotten no good explanation as to why Hillary Clinton hasn’t been asked to join Trump in the hot seat, but we all know why.

Anyway, obviously this is a pretty big deal, but it’s an even bigger deal for cable news. It’s like Christmas for them, and they’re gonna milk this thing until the teat is bone-dry, and then they’re gonna keep squeezing. That’s definitely where MSNBC is at right now. That poor little teat is already cracked and bleeding.

Check out this still from today’s edition of “Morning Joe”:

If that doesn’t say it all, we don’t know what does. Claire McCaskill! Jen Psaki! MSNBC really brought out the big guns for this one. Ten people were needed to talk about this story. Ten people with the exact same opinion.

You’ve gotta love it.

Top. Men.

Absolutely parched.

They really do.



Rachel Maddow admits Trump’s latest indictment is political … and thinks it’s good thing! (watch)


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