Monica Lewinsky got a $450 ticket for speeding and is perplexed that she got a ticket and yet ASSAULT RIFLES ARE LEGAL.

Clearly, Bill wasn’t interested in Monica for her mind.

Ok, that was mean but c’mon, really Monica? We get it, you’re a Democrat and likely super pro-gun control but really? This is almost as dumb as people who try and use the roads to prove socialism does indeed WORK in America.

We like how she spelled the f-word out in the first sentence but couldn’t bother to spell it out in the last.


And as you can likely already imagine, this did not go well for her. Like, at all.


Please, let’s not give them any ideas. We can see it now, COMMON SENSE CAR CONTROL.


Yeah, thanks.


Hey, fair point.

Right? She must have been FLYING


Mind blown.

It’s not the vehicle breaking the law, Monica. It’s the driver.

Just like it’s not the gun breaking the law, it’s the shooter.




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