Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, has reportedly been arrested on DUI charges. You’d think someone as wealthy as Pelosi (the mister) would have a driver or at least get a freakin’ Uber but nope.

Guess we’ve been making *HIC* jokes about the wrong Pelosi.

From Politics Insider:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, was reportedly arrested around midnight Saturday for driving under the influence, several outlets reported on Sunday.

Paul Pelosi, who married the House Speaker in 1963, reportedly had a blood-alcohol level above 0.08% when he was arrested in Napa County, California, TMZ reported.

The Daily Mail reported that Pelosi was arrested by California Highway Patrol at 11:44 pm Saturday night and then booked at Napa County Jail on two misdemeanor charges at 4:13 am Sunday morning. His bail was set for $5,000, TMZ reported.

Bail was only set for $5k.


And of course, Twitter is going to Twitter with news like this.

Uber, Lyft … car service. Call a freakin’ friend?



We had the same thought. What is this guy doing driving at all, let alone driving drunk?


And fin.



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