Anthea Butler (notice the blue check, we see you, Twitter) asked if children in the Uvalde shooting died because police are super racist and don’t care about brown kids.

Ok, so she used a bunch of words and then followed up by claiming people assume if a person is brown they’re an illegal immigrant, but it all really boils down to the same racist, horrible garbage.

What sort of small-minded, hateful harpy would accuse police of not doing more for children because of their skin color?

The sort of small-minded, hateful harpy who protected her tweets after she was dragged like the small-minded, hateful harpy she is.

Jonathan Turley took her apart in a short and not-so-sweet thread:

Another controversy. Oh, that’s right, she has a history of saying really and truly horrible stuff. That’s right.

She also has a history of blocking editors like this one for calling her out, just sayin’.


Look, clearly something went wrong with this police department but pretending this was because of race is just gross.

And that’s probably why she protected her account.

He continued:

However, it is a privilege often exercised selectively today.

Ain’t that the truth?



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