We’re starting to think Cenk Uygur likes being wrong … about everything. Think about it, the only time he is at all relevant is when he says or does something really stupid and people (like us) cover it. It’s rare we see anyone, even crazy lefty outlets, pretending this guy has anything worthwhile to say or add.

His timeline is filled with a whole lot of stupid, but this one about the gun lobby bribing people even got Tim Pool’s attention:

Hey, if Cenk wants to talk about ‘bribes,’ Tim’s right, that’s a biggie. Biden and the Democratic machine are definitely bribing people with student loan debt to vote for them. But apparently, it’s ok for politicians to bribe PEOPLE, just not the lobby.

Or something.

Serve us? That doesn’t mean making some waitress who didn’t go to college making $30k a year pay for the loans of an attorney making $300k a year, Cenk.

Fair question.

And that’s probably why Cenk lost his marbles even more.


We thought his hobby included something with horses.

OK, we couldn’t help ourselves.

Yeah, communist.


We already won.

Oh, and this was sort of a side argument that freaked Cenk out, we had to include it.

Yes, please?

Watch this …


Remember when Eric Swalwell was threatening to nuke us all?

Good times.



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