At first, we thought this as*hattery was a parody.

It had to be.

You’d think we’d know better with how crazy-stupid the gun-grabbing maniacs have been this past week but no. We were hopeful. We even wasted a few minutes of our time looking through James Surowiecki’s timeline to see if maybe this was a joke.


Or his entire timeline is one sad joke.

This … is dumb. Not Dean Obeidallah declaring there is no constitutional right to own a gun dumb, but close.

Dude. No.

Even if he’s just trolling for clicks this is stupid.

Also, notice his pretty blue checkmark. Always.

Ok, maybe is claim is as dumb as Dean’s.

Eh, not quite.

Or, you know, murder is illegal.

Just sayin’.

Gun ownership shall not be infringed.

This is not difficult, James.

Not enough puppets and crayons in this world to explain this very basic concept to James.

Just sayin’.

We love this one:

If you’re a moron we’ll all know it, cuz your tweets will surely show it …


There is no shortage of people like this on Twitter.

Yay us.



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