We know, Paul Krugman is gonna Paul Krugman … the guy literally said the Internet was just a fad.

But this is obnoxiously stupid even for him.

Sort of like John Harwood insisting ALL IS WELL in America and people are financially AOK under Biden and should really stop complaining. Oh sure, many are having to choose between gas and food BUT the benevolent government gave people so much free money they have it all saved up.

Or something.

Oh, and Paul is referencing the final quarter of 2021 as well conveniently ignoring gas and food prices NOW.

Something strange IS going on.

Anything to protect Biden … pathetic.

Yeah, so often when people are trying to figure out how much gas they can afford to put in their tank versus needing milk and bread they stop and think, ‘Wow, there’s just such a demand for goods.’


No no, he says we’re all fine.


What an elitist dbag.


Honestly, we’d only be surprised if Paul wasn’t trying to pull this.



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