Glenn Greenwald using Hillary Clinton’s viral tweet about Trump and Alfa-Bank (that we all know now was a complete fabrication) STILL being up on the platform while he is getting warnings on his tweets about Azov is just another reminder of how awful and biased the tech giant really is.

And while we understand Elon Musk’s concerns when it comes to buying the cesspit that IS Twitter, we really hope he can see his way to still purchasing and FIXING it.

Convenient censorship, indeed.

And Twitter saw fit to put a warning on it.

Ain’t that cute?

But we’ve been told over and over and over again they don’t have a political bias and stuff.


Sorry, we crack ourselves up sometimes.

Digging its own grave.


We’re all still hoping Elon Musk will do the deal, acquire Twitter, and level the playing field on the tech giant for the first time EVER. Can you all imagine Twitter leading up to the midterms with the Right having as much influence as the Left?

Add that to the disastrous job the Biden admin has been doing and we could very well see a giant, red wave in November.

And the Left knows it so be prepared for them to throw everything they can at Musk, the Right, and conservative-leaning media over the next couple of months.

Even more so than usual.



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