In case you needed a refresher about how freakin’ evil, dishonest, and even traitorous the Clinton campaign and her supporters in the media and the Democratic Party really were …

Oh, and from Robby Mook’s testimony, Hillary was more than aware of what was going on.

Side note, it was nice knowin’ ya’, Robby.

Looks like Elon Musk is coming around to what’s been happening for the past SIX YEARS NOW. Remember when he said he used to always vote Democrat because he thought they were the party that cared? About that:

Get ’em, Elon.

We’re starting to think a whole lot is fake in the swamp, and the more noise Elon makes the more they’re going to try and shut him down.

Biggest hoax maybe ever.

Unless of course, you count Biden’s ‘win’. *adjusts tin foil*

As usual.

And all too damn predictable.

We’re not holding our breath that anyone will be held accountable, unfortunately.

This this this. ^

Psh, the libs started it with him … there’s no time to be nice.



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