As Twitchy readers know, Steve Schmidt has spent the better part of the last three-four days going off on crazy tirades, attacking Sarah Palin (like she cares), ranting about people calling him a pedophile for having worked with John Weaver, and of course, bullying Meghan McCain. The cheese has DEFINITELY slid off the dude’s cracker in a big way.

Tulsi Gabbard came to Meghan’s defense, even though they ‘sometimes disagree.’

And she’s spot on when it comes to Steve-o.




Check check.

Like clockwork, Steve came out to tweet SOME MORE … attacking another woman. Yeah, that’s something else we’ve noticed about his multi-day freakout, the majority of it has been aimed at women. Considering he admits he’s now a Democrat, that lines up.

Putin’s Aloha Stooge? White Power Hour?


We can’t decide if he’s doing some strange one-man show or if he’s … *hic* … just that bored.

This is an insult to people who actually are bonkers.

He makes them look sane.

See, we’re not the only ones who noticed.

Dude, put the Twitter down.



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