As Twitchy readers know, after a bunch of harpies and hooligans showed up at SCOTUS justices’ homes over the weekend, NOW Jen Psaki and the Biden administration came out and told the pro-abort jackas*es not to protest at their homes.

After they’d already done it.

But hey, D for effort.

Way to drop the ball.

Press Secretary for Gov. Ron DeSantis Christina Pushaw was more than happy to critique Jen’s statement just THIS MORNING and show Little Red Lying Hood how it’s done:

But it’s way too late. And let’s be honest, the reason they didn’t go with this from the very beginning is that they likely WANTED the protests over the weekend, they wanted the outrage. Oh, and now that they look like irresponsible toolbags they feel the need to come out and say don’t do this.

Shameful indeed.


And that’s the Biden administration in a nutshell, yup.

Jen could learn a thing or two from Christina.



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