This may be Jen Psaki’s final week as White House press secretary, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that she’s just gonna coast until it’s time for her to say goodbye and fulfill her destiny as MSNBC talking head. No sir, she takes this job as seriously as she ever did.

But don’t take our word for it; see for yourselves. When it comes to threats of violence against Supreme Court Justices, the kinds of threats that require non-scalable fencing around the Supreme Court, Psaki doesn’t mess around:

Wow. Such authoritative. Much forceful.

It’s also a hot, steaming load of BS.

Hell yeah, she did.

She did. We all heard her.

She said people were just being passionate!

It could’ve been said prior to the protests … she just chose not to say it. And she made that choice very, very deliberately.

Damn straight. A pretty powerful position, to boot.

And we have no reason to believe Psaki about this, just like we have no reason to believe her about anything. On a matter as important as threats against Supreme Court Justices lives, Joe Biden — the President of the United States — can’t even be bothered to speak out.

Perhaps someone should fill Joe in on what’s been happening lately.

Probably safe to assume that the White House supports it.

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