We’re not sure if we’re glad to be seeing Jen Psaki move over to MSNBC or not — she’ll essentially be doing exactly the same thing, just without Fox News’ Peter Doocy to throw her curveballs. It’s been kind of nice having her as press secretary because she provides us with great material. Does she believe what she’s saying, or is she covering up for whoever it is that runs the White House? We always look forward to her briefings the day after President Joe Biden says something monumentally stupid and she has to walk it back.

Speaking of Doocy, he asked Psaki Thursday about a map with the home addresses of Supreme Court justices that activists had posted online. Is this something Biden supports? She could have said “no,” but instead she went with the take that there’s no official U.S. government position on where people protest. Um, we’re pretty sure protesting inside the Capitol Building is a no-no.

Just last night, we had Rep. Eric Swalwell ginning up a defamation suit against a man who made a very well-educated guess about who the leaker was. She’s not a public person, Swalwell argued, while retweeting her photo and LinkedIn bio to his followers. Is there a government position on protesting outside of her home? Because Swalwell thinks someone should be in jail by now.

We believe they’re calling them “walk-pasts” to get around that.

Yesterday, Psaki wouldn’t say that the administration condemned the leak (or welcomed it).

We’re old enough to remember “insurrectionists” battering the doors of the Supreme Court trying to interrupt the swearing-in of Brett Kavanaugh, and no one seemed to have a problem with that.


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