Tammy Duckworth is giving Mazie Hirono a run for her horrible, pro-abort, crazy money … almost. We’re not sure anyone can out-crazy Hirono’s tweet asking if the government does anything to men like forcing women to have babies but this is a close second.

Gotta love how these harpies used Mother’s Day to push abortion.

Super classy, as ever.

Mom deserves a senator who will make sure she can abort as many babies as she wants.

Gosh, Tammy should write for Hallmark.

PROFOUNDLY offensive.

No, no she did not.

Every day is a good day to push abortion if you’re a Democrat.


Don’t be too hard on her. She’s not a biologist so she can’t likely define what a woman is, let alone a mother.

And to think, there are actually senators who are even denser than Tammy.

Let that sink in for a minute.



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