We’d like to take a moment out of our crazy, insane, and unhinged coverage of the bats*it crazy on Twitter over the SCOTUS leak and draw your attention to this awful picture that not only sums Hillary Clinton up, but the entire Democratic Party as well.

As the leak ‘heard ’round the world’ was making its way around social media last night, the elite was busy attending the Met Gala. Our Twitter feeds were filled with shrieking about abortion rights and pictures of the very famous and wealthy dressed to the nines … while their attendants and helpers were all masked up.

Seriously, if Hillary ever tries to run for any office ever again, in addition to her involvement with the Steele Dossier, this picture with a Black man all masked up fixing her dress should be the focus of any and every GOP campaign ad.

This is … this is bad.

As we so lovingly say about other bad things we see on Twitter … WOOF.

The dress itself is awful enough, and every time we see Hillary we throw up in our mouths a little, but this picture of a Black man in a mask ‘tending’ to her is just so Democrat, ya’ know?


Far more accurate than anyone actually knows.



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