It’s crazy to think about the amount of money and effort The New York Times put into its silly little hit piece on Tucker Carlson. The fact they spent hours and hours and hours and a bunch of manpower on a story like this seems really weird … unless you realize why they really did it.

Batya Ungar-Sargon broke it down in a pretty RAD thread:

This all ties in with how the Left has gone SOOOO far-Left they’ve started leaving their supporters behind.

15 years ago they’d have proudly endorsed what Tucker talks about.

Keep going.

Tucker talks about ‘stuff’ they don’t want their plebs hearing about, so they accuse him of being racist.

And that seems to work.


‘Now they use them to protect the administration from embarrassment and criticism.’

Ding ding freakin’ ding.

They’re scared of Tucker … and you.

November is gonna be FUN.



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