Elon Musk’s efforts to buy Twitter have well and truly made our pals on the Left insane.

Mainly the mainstream media.

For years (decades?) they’ve had it made on the tech giant’s platform, being able to push their agenda, narrative, and their ideas as ‘fact’ without much challenge from anyone else, especially on the Right. This was never more apparent than when they helped Democrats block the very important (and very real) Hunter Biden laptop story.

And now that these ‘benefits’ may be going away, they’re panicking.

Just look at CNN’s David Zurawik losing his damn mind over the idea of Elon Musk ‘controlling discourse’.

The paranoid ranting about Donald Trump is a nice touch, right?

Glenn Greenwald was good enough to use Zurawik’s rant to drag not only CNN, but the mainstream media in general.

They believe only THEY can be trusted to speak.

He’s right, you know.

And they wonder why nobody was overly upset about CNN+ biting the dust.

Palpable and DELICIOUS.



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