Talk about white privilege refusing to call Black women ‘mothers’ in a tweet about maternal health. Wow.

It’s bad enough when our pals on the Left try to erase women overall, but when they do it in a way not only to erase women but to segregate them by color? Honestly, this is what it looks like when too many identity politics collide in one tweet.

What do they think the word ‘maternal’ actually means?


From DCist:

Despite making up about half of all births in recent years, Black birthing people in D.C. made up 90% of birth-related deaths, according to a new study from a city-supported review committee  — underscoring the severity of the city’s maternal health crisis, particularly for Black women.

“Things that we know about maternal mortality and women who are at increased chance of dying from a pregnancy-related cause, is that being structurally and socially disadvantaged and marginalized is a huge contributor to risk,” says Dr. Christina Marea, a cofounder of the committee. “Factors that put particularly Black birthing people at a disadvantage, like structural and historical racism, underinvestment in communities, the carceral state that treats Black families as criminalized for things that white families wouldn’t [be]…all of these combine and contribute.”

Repeat after us.


This isn’t difficult.

Wokeness trumps all else.

That. ^

Right? No biggie.

About that.


And considering how dumb that term is (and how many Latino/a voters have left the Democratic Party because of it) you KNOW it’s bad.

Birthing people.



This isn’t complicated.



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