RUH-ROH, Tulsi Gabbard said the quiet part out loud.

We all knew this already … but still.

Tulsi brings up a pretty good point about the ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ and the timing of this just days after Obama said media censors don’t go far enough so the government needs to step in. Sounds pretty damn fascisty from Obama if you ask us.

She’s right.

Not even a week later.

Obama says jump, and Biden asks, ‘HOW HIGH!?’

A lot of Biden’s crap policies and ideas sure feel that way.

And it’s not just Obama, it’s likely also his most trusted associates. Rice, Jarrett, Psaki …

He sorta looks like one so that makes even more sense.

HA! We see what they did there.

And we’re pretty sure Tulsi’s right.

Cue the freakout …


Scary times indeed. November can’t get here fast enough.



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