We cannot believe how angry people on the Left are over Elon Musk buying Twitter. Oh, we knew they’d freak out and we figured they wouldn’t want to give up their ‘power’ on Twitter but we are seeing real and true hatred for a man they were likely championing for his green energy initiatives only a few years back.

Sort of like how they all really liked Trump until he decided he was a Republican and wanted to run for president.

The attacks we’re seeing on Musk aren’t just your regular ‘that guy is such a jerk,’ sort of attacks – they are far uglier and meaner.

Case in point:

Unfettered capitalism built this country but she’s rolling.

The irony of Nina thinking she’s the bright one here.

Was she this upset with the Lefties who owned Twitter before? They were billionaires as well. Or is just the billionaire who wants all people to be heard on the platform who’s the problem?

That’s what this entire freak-out boils down to.

They’re afraid of losing control.

Of the narrative.

Of the agenda.

Of the country.

It’s all happening.

AG Hamilton was good enough to bring our pseudo rocket-scientist back to Earth:

What we’ve noticed about every one of these arguments is people like Nina hate people like Elon based on their own lazy stereotypes and caricatures of people on the Right. It would have only taken one Google search to realize Elon didn’t inherit much, he’s built multiple companies, and he’s clearly very intelligent. But, it was easier to pretend capitalism is the real villain here and shriek about the rich white guy taking over Twitter.

It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad.



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