Wow, Taylor Lorenz really is a horrible person. As this story about her hit piece on Libs of Tik Tok continues to make its way across social media we see more and more why she felt empowered to do it. The number of other horrible people claiming this was ethical, real reporting, investigative journalism, etc. is embarrassingly off the charts. Oh, and Taylor is spreading a viral lie accusing Glenn Greenwald of confirming the identities of Libs Of Tik Tok’s family members.

Yeah, we told you she is a horrible person.

Glenn didn’t take this crap lightly:

Stupid viral lie.

Sums up Taylor perfectly.

He continued:

And now that the sh*t has hit the fan, they want to somehow blame other people for what Taylor did.


Oh, they’d be calling them Nazis and trolls and haters and everything else under the sun.

Also, Glenn brought receipts so Taylor and the other toolbags pushing this repugnant lie can take a seat:

Taylor’s pal Matt trying to pin it on Glenn … not a great idea.

Nice try, pal.

So either way, Taylor screwed up.

Yeah, we know.




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