Alex Goldman (we’d never heard of him either but apparently Twitter thinks he’s relevant enough to verify) came out swinging to defend Taylor Lorenz, claiming she did not doxx LibsOfTikTok and was just reporting on the private citizen who was anonymous behind the account because we all know how crazy and dangerous the Left can be when they decide someone deserves to be made an example of. Good ol’ Taylor, giving the Left exactly what they need to silence, harass, and torment someone she disagrees with.

And she’ll pat herself on the back for it.

Adam apparently doesn’t think Taylor doxxed LOTT.

We’re not sure Adam knows how to tie his own shoes let alone what ‘doxing’ really looks like but we’ll let him have his Twitchy moment:

This got a Taylor retweet. Figures.

The irony of him b*tching about LOTT ‘siccing hordes of trolls’ on other people while this is EXACTLY what Taylor has done here. But you know, it’s ok to harass LOTT since he doesn’t agree with her politics.

When someone shows you who they really are …

So silly.

Ruining someone’s life over Twitter is so silly.

What a nob.

Oh, and then he got all fussy because people were calling him out so he muted the F*CK out of the conversation so he could avoid reading about how stupid his tweets were.

What a toughie.

There’s a reason he muted it … coward.

It’s ok when Taylor does it.

Or something.



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