Wajahat Ali wants to keep you masked because of a COVID variant that many public health officials have said is of no concern. It’s strange, really, how many people are still wrapped up in the idea that putting a piece of cotton or paper on their faces will somehow keep them from catching a virus. Remember when they tried to tell us the virus was higher up in the air so taller people were at more risk? And that was why it was ok to take masks off at the table at a restaurant?

Our experts came up with a whole lot of stupid that ultimately didn’t really do anything other than make people miserable and resent one another.

And speaking of stupid:

Yeah, the ‘Told You So’ is a nice touch.

*eye roll*

From The Daily Beast:

The CDC, in a pro-life move, this week extended the mask mandates for public transportation until May 3 citing the spread of BA.2—a subvariant of the omicron COVID-19 variant—which now makes up more than 85 percent of new U.S. coronavirus cases.

This is the right call. If we truly want to save lives and finally return to “normal,” then history, science, and common sense would suggest we demand airlines continue requiring mask mandates, for at least the near future, or until we don’t have a highly contagious subvariant spreading around the world.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares my sentiment.

Pro-life move.

This freakin’ guy.

As you know from our first paragraph, this did NOT go well and poor Wajahat is awfully whiny about it.

Wajahat writes something stupid that he knows will make people angry.

Wajahat then complains that people got angry at him for writing something stupid.

Wajahat is a troll.

Don’t be Wajahat.

Crazy, right?

That should TOTALLY help Democrats who are already trying to find excuses for getting their clocks cleaned in November.

Just follow the science, dude.




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