Sorry guys, it’s not Biden’s fault Biden sucks and there’s just not much Biden can do about it … or something.

At least that’s what John Harwood claimed in his crap piece he wrote for CNN.

From CNN:

There’s just not much President Joe Biden can do about it.

There’s not much he can do to curb inflation.

Really CNN?

There’s not much he can do to stop migrants from reaching America’s southern border.


Or to reduce crime, or to make vaccine resisters get shots that would hasten the end of the coronavirus pandemic.


There’s not much he can do to compel cooperation from defectors within his thin Democratic congressional majorities. There is nothing at all he can do to compel it from Republican adversaries who would rather aggravate than alleviate his burdens.

In other words, there’s not much Biden can do about the heaviest weights depressing his political standing, which has remained stuck in the avalanche-warning zone for months. So his party faces the likelihood of a substantial November election defeat that hands the House and perhaps the Senate to the GOP.

They’ve got to be sh*tting us. ALL of these issues stem directly from Biden’s and the Democrat’s crap policies. What John and his pals in the media are really doing is running cover so when Democrats lose BIGLY in November they can say it wasn’t Biden’s fault.

Pathetic, right?

It’s not the president’s fault his policies are destroying the country.


Weird flex, right?

And they’ll keep lowering it to pretend they didn’t elect the Botox-filled puppet because they were so broken by Trump they’d have elected ANYONE.


We’ve seen bologna sandwiches that would be better presidents than Biden.

Oh, and just for fun, we searched to see how Harwood covered Trump’s challenges … he was more than willing to blame ‘the bad orange man’.

Ok, you get the point.

Harwood is more than happy to give Biden a pass because there’s just not much he can do … but TRUMP BAD.

What a freakin’ puppet.



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