If Leftists think Medieval peasants had it better way back then, by all means, they should start living that way.

They can give up their phones, any sort of conditioned air, heat, doctors, electricity, modern-day food, clean water, etc. and live their lives just like Medieval peasants did. Hey, if capitalism is such a horrible thing then they really should stop benefitting from it.

There’s a reason ‘old age’ for a Medieval peasant was around 30.

But hey, stupid narratives are the in thing on Twitter.

Case in point:

Most of their free time was spent starving, freezing, or fighting.

Or getting sick.


And then everyone got their own special unicorn from Merlin the wizard.

Yeah, that’s it.

THERE’S the anti-capitalism point we were waiting for.

Sure, people died a lot earlier but at least there was no evil capitalism making them successful and giving them an out of the poverty they lived in. Sounds way better.

And if we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we’d see D.C. from our house.

Seems she doesn’t like the pushback.

Poor thing.

Don’t feel too bad, Azie.

Matt Yglesias agrees with you.




Funny, ain’t it?

Pretty damn dumb.

If only it were a joke.

Luckily we can still all point and laugh even if it isn’t.



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