As Lefties, Democrats, and teacher’s unions continue to insist CRT isn’t being taught in school and anyone who claims otherwise is just a big ol’ racist meanie, Christina Pushaw was good enough to once again provide us all with PROOF that it absolutely IS being taught. It’s woven throughout various lesson plans and activities … even math.

This is very real, you guys.

Take a look:

You can’t even make this crap up. Oh, they’ll accuse Christina of making it up because DESANTIS BAD but it’s sadly all too real.

Oops, our bad.

And apologizing to the parents doesn’t make this better. What about dealing with the teacher? What has been done with that? One has to wonder what sort of teacher would think this is an appropriate way to teach math. Probably one who is not so much worried about teaching math, and way more worried about indoctrinating kids with an agenda.

Not just in China, but in countries all over the world. American students continue to fall behind because public school has turned into agenda-indoctrination centers, focusing more on narratives and politics EVEN IN GRADE SCHOOL than on reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Scary stuff.

And if knowing this is a real problem makes us racist meanie heads then so be it.



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