Have you ever laughed so hard that you thought for just a moment you might have actually hurt yourself? Or let out a laugh-snort that was so loud you scared your two dogs from their slumber and created a corgi freak-out of epic proportions?

Well, that just happened to this editor when this came across our radar.

Almost as funny as CNN claiming an apple is an apple and WaPo pushing some ridiculous melodramatic BS about democracy dying in darkness.


We tell all sides, but take none.


They tell the real story.

WOW. That’s a humdinger. Alrighty, Reuters, whatever you say.


We laughed.

Gosh, it seems like no one is really taking them seriously.

We’re shocked.

Imagine if we had real and true media that actually did cover real stories with zero bias or agenda …

That would be amazing.

But then again, who would we make fun of every day? We can only mock Alyssa Milano so much.



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