The media only cares about free speech for the MEDIA. Not you, not us, not anyone else. We saw this front and center yesterday when Elon Musk put in an offer to buy Twitter. Our pals in the media lost their freaking MINDS over the idea of the little people they despise having the ability to be heard on the tech giant.


Max Boot was especially obnoxious, railing on the idea and then going into victim-mode when people called him out for it. We actually wrote about him THREE TIMES yesterday because he was just that obnoxious. Note, we’ve only written about a handful of people more than twice in one day … and it’s not a good thing when we do it, for the person we’re writing about.

Glenn Greenwald pointed out how gross this behavior was (and then some) in a pretty epic thread.

Take a gander:

Flagship day in corporate media, and not in a good way.

It’s sort of like how people support abortion – they call it ‘choice.’

Yup. It is 100% ideological and an uneven playing field for ideas and content in general. And the Leftist media wants to keep it that way.

What he said.

Even Fauci has admitted the lockdowns are to be used to ‘encourage’ vaccination.

You’re Russia-friendly and a fan of Putin if you question the Ukraine narrative at all.


Any dissident can be banned.

Think about how damn scary that is for just a moment.

And that’s why Elon wants to buy Twitter.


What he said. The yahoos whining about rich people owning media outlets and big tech? HELLO, who do you think owns them NOW?! Saudi Arabian princes who hate freedom of speech, that’s who.

THERE it is.

True freakin’ story.

Especially Max Boot who was more than willing to show his fascist colors over and over and over again yesterday.



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