Before we even get started we’ll remind you of our policy that we typically do not cover randos on Twitter because they could be anyone UNLESS of course what they’ve written is just that good, bad, awful, funny, etc.

And while we can neither confirm nor deny anything Louie Traub has written here, it’s honestly such a horrific thread that even if only PART of it is true, people need to know. This editor will say that it is very brave of this person to write a thread like this considering Twitter is suspend-happy when anyone steps out of line with the accepted COVID narrative.

It’s worth your time to read.

We’ve heard this from many people who were vaccinated early on.

Keep reading.

That list … wow.

Gaslit and dismissed.

That’s happening all over.

They admitted they’re seeing vaccine-injured patients.


One we’re going to hear a lot more about in the future.

Such a disaster.

This poor guy.

Now, why oh why would they not want to research vaccine injuries?

Follow the money.

ALWAYS follow the money.

This is just another reason why Elon’s offer to buy Twitter is HUGE.

Yeah, we’ve seen plenty of that.

Such tolerant loving people pushing the vaccine.


What he said.

And all of that too. ^



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